Melanotan 2 Injections Does It Work

There are many people across the world who wants beautiful tan body. But they do not want to cover their body with any lotion like sun tan cream and to lays down under sun for hours to achieve the results. Now this problem has no much importance because there are two products Melanotan 1 and Melanotan 2 peptides. These peptides need not any exposure to sun when injected in the body of a fair skinned person result in skin tanning.

There are many people who use melanotan 1 and 2 both but have no knowledge about them.

These products are same in work but there are few differences between them that should be known to all so that more benefits can be taken.

Melanotan is originally a synthetic hormone that works as endogenously produced alpha MSH (Melanocyte stimulating hormone). MSH is responsible in body for skin colour. It is found in melanocyte cells. Melanotan 2 is another analogue of MSH. Both MT and MT2 produce the effect of naturally produced melanocyte within pituitary gland in our bodies.

melanotan 2 reviewsMelanotan is a full length, straight peptide while melanotan2 is a circular and shortened version of the afamelanotide peptide. There are more surprising side effects such as libido enhancement and spontaneous erections are being reported by users of MT2 rather than MT1. The amino acid sequence is shorter in MT2 so there are more MT2 peptide chains available as compared to MT. There is much density of peptide chains within a given set weight. The receptor binding affinity of MT2 is not so effective but due to more density of peptide chains there is less requirement of melanotan 2 to achieve same result. This makes MT2 a much cheaper proposition.

MT2 is cheaper than MT so people take MT2 rather than MT. There are more reasons to take MT rather than MT2 despite higher cost such as:

MT2 works as aphrodisiac in males. And usually happens after the first few injections. MT2 can cause darkening of lips While MT1 is weaker than MT2 so there is less possibility.MT1 is same as body’s melanin stimulating hormone while MT2 is modified to make it strong. Both products are safe to use but MT1 is safer than MT2 and can be a better choice. If you want darkest and quickest tan, Melanotan 2 is best in that case.

So Melanotan is better than Melanotan 2 because it tans the body with limited side effects.

There are few same side effects in both such as: Skin pigmentation, appetite suppression, headache, lethargy, itching, hyperpigmentation, flushing, nausea etc.

Some extra side effects are also visible in melanotan 2 such as increased libido and Physical sexual arousal. So most of people prefer melanotan to use because there are some minor side effects such as nausea and flushing etc and is very comfortable to use.

These are main difference between melanotan 1 and melanotan 2. Although their work is same but some side effects make them differ from each other.

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Melanotan 2 supplier in Europe. There are lots of tanning products on the market but some of them hleps you to get good looking tan with melanotan 2 injections.
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