Anybody Used the Tanning Injection Melatonin

Tanning injections is a product that gives you beautiful tan body. There is no requirement to go outside for sun radiation and to go to sun beds. It was initially made as a defensive against skin cancer. It also works as tan accelerator. There are many people who are using tanning injection for beautiful tan body. But the question arises that how much time it will take to start effect on body.

Melanotan or MT2 comes in two forms such as melanotan tan injection and MT2 Nasal spray. Read more :

These are very proficient for triggering melanocortin receptors in body. These make your skin darker and give you perfect tan. MT2 works as aphrodisiac in males. And usually happens after the first few injections. If you want darkest and quickest tan, Melanotan 2 is best in that case. This protects you from sun’s UV radiation.

Many people generally ask how much time it takes to show result. There is no fix time to see the results. Most of people get excellent results after taking 20mg of Melanotan2 while some get results only after 5 to10 mg. So this takes 7 to 10 days to show results after beginning melanotan.

You need to spend about 20 to 40 minutes time in sun. If you are using sun bed then 5 to 10 minutes are sufficient.

This depends on the skin of user to show result of injection. If user has a very fair skin then there will more requirement of injection to see initial results. Sometime it takes 4 to 5 weeks to show results. If tanning injections is being taken with UV exposure then it takes about 2 to 3 weeks.

If this is taking more time then you need more amount of UV exposure. If this is not working after it then you should try to increase dosage.

If you are using tanning injection first time then 20 to 30 mg for male and 10 to 20 mg is quite enough to see result. After taking this amount of melanotan 2 you can check whether it is working or not. It is more beneficial to take in the presence of UV rays. It will take more time to show result without UV rays.

Melanotan works with UV rays. So you should understand the key formula that if you are not taking UV rays properly then you should increase the quantity of melanotan. When sun’s radiation falls directly on body skin it results as cancer. Melanotan works for reducing skin cancer by protecting UV rays. Melanin makes skin darker so that it gives protection from UV rays.

People are using tanning injection and living a happy life with beautiful tan body. Tanning injection not only provides you beautiful tan body but also works as cancer resistance.

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Melanotan 2 supplier in Europe. There are lots of tanning products on the market but some of them hleps you to get good looking tan with melanotan 2 injections.
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  1. yvonne mc elhinney says:

    I have been trying for the past two and a half hours to order injections with no success. Is there a number I can use?

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